Enter the “Comfortopia” Sweepstakes

Schick Comfortopia 560x313Gunaxin is participating in #TheIndisposables sponsored series
with Schick® Xtreme3® via Socialstars.

Recently we told you about our Indisposable Comforts of Spring, and now is your chance to win some indisposable comforts of your own in Schick® Xtreme3®’s “Comfortopia” Sweepstakes! So just what are “indisposable comforts” for men? How about an HDTV, Xbox, beanbag chair, sweatpants, or even bacon? They are anything that makes you comfortable as a man, that you just couldn’t live without. Your razor is disposable, your comfort is not.

Schick® teamed up with The Onion to create a humorous interactive video for their Sweepstakes, featuring an affable German guy named Lutz. His job is to guide you through the indisposable comforts that you could win in the sweepstakes, and allow you to select your three favorites. We’re not going to lie, we clicked on every option just to see what Lutz would do next. While we were tempted by the bacon (it’s porky and comforting!), in the end we had to go with a Smartphone, HDTV, and Video Games.

Entry 560x125

There’s going to be over $5,000 in “indisposable comforts” prizes awarded, and no purchase is necessary to enter. Just watch the video, select your 3 favorites, and then accept the official rules to enter. Even if you aren’t selected as a prize winner, we think you’ll find that meeting Lutz is time well spent.