Five Comments by Regular People that Went Viral


On many sites that publish articles, you’ll see commenters saying that they often go straight to the comment section since it’s often as good as if not better than the article. Because of their brevity and “everyperson” veneer, comments will sometimes go viral to a greater extent than the content they were posted in response to. Here are five of the greatest triumphs in the practice of amateur comment around the Internet.

5. Love You 5Ever

A short story posted in a Youtube comment section that manages in just over seven sentences to break every rule of drama while misspelling every other word. Especially memorable is a guy claiming he would love a girl “5ever.” The author concludes the story by saying that 5ever is longer than 4ever, although that obviously didn’t need to be explained. The story is clearly that bad on purpose and meant to be a slam on people trying desperately to get comments upvoted. With one of it’s attributed authors being user unsterblick856, it became so well-known that several cartoons of it were made that each acquired over a million views, ensuring that people will be expressing that they love people 5ever and explaining what it means for years to come.

4. The Poorly Built Deck


Reddit user Bushand1 tried to show the world the handsome deck that he had built over a weekend with a photo gallery on April 30, 2013. Instead, his accomplishment was totally overshadowed and demolished when username MrXaero very thoroughly covered the many problems with his deck. MrXaero was also considerate enough to suggest ways to address the concerns. The response to his critique was so positive that the comment made it to the front page of Reddit, meaning hundreds of thousands of people saw Bushand1 getting schooled. Although compared to the potential humiliation of having his deck collapse, he more or less admitted in response that he got off lucky.

3. Rollercoaster Tycoon Strategy

fhpcOkxRegular Gunaxin contributor Karl Smallwood posted a humorous observation in March 2013 of his strategy for winning Roller Tycoon. To his immense annoyance, his credit was removed before the comment went on to millions of reads on social networking sites from Reddit to Cheezburger. Everywhere people became furious at the fact the joke was a joke and not a legitimate strategy and gave him trouble anytime he claimed it was his joke. So if you’d like to see more of his potentially viral comments yourself, follow him here.

2. Not a Research Paper

iHL2SMany times students complain that they don’t receive personal attention from their professor and that the size of a class is detrimental to learning. Well, this 2012 Facebook comment which received close to a million views from one posting on Imgur alone illustrates exactly what can happen when a professor gives their undivided attention to a student. Unfortunately it has not resulted in “hostage situation” being used as slang for extremely bad papers. Yet.

1. Cookie Monster on Occupy Wall Street

cookie monster 500x396 412x313Cookie Monster is a commenter at the pop culture site AV Club. His gimmick is basically that he gives reasonable observations aside from his refusal to use key prepositions and his fixation on baked goods. However, back in 2011, he made a long comment on the Occupy Wall Street movement that actually became a news story. Seriously, the comment was published on the San Francisco Weekly website and was distributed beyond, inspiring memes about how 1% of the monsters eat 99% of the cookies. To date, there has not been a retraction from the Jim Henson Company stating that this comment does not reflect the views of the real cookie monster.