Lying About Your Size …Just Got Harder

ruler condom2 300x296

In the category of believe it or not, the European company Curiosite has released a condom that has ruler markings imprinted on the side. Fellas …lying to your girl just got a bit harder. Better hurry and order that pump before your girl catches wind of the condometric.

From Curiosite’s FAQ to prove this condom is for the uncircumcised Euro guy in you..

Where do you measure the penis size from?
It always starts at the base of the penis and up to the top of the foreskin.

Curiosite’s condometric is available in tasty sensual flavors like cherry, lime and seriously, banana.

If you’re a mini-me and your girl insists on ordering the condometric, pick up the centimeters version because the nerd in you realizes that 2.54 cm = 1 inch. Just tell her you ordered the inches version. It’ll be our “little” secret.