Why You Should Consider Publishing an eBook

ebookYou’re an aspiring writer. You are packed to the brim with great stories to tell and can’t wait to share with the world you’re astounding creativity. Maybe you’re like captivating your audience through a world they’ve never seen before, or give them a different perspective on life as we know it today. You have manuscript upon manuscript or written or half-complete. You want to get your words out there, and you want to publish them. But you want it fast, and don’t want to slog through the process of having to get a tangible bound copy ready for others to read. Luckily for you, there is a solution.

Ebooks are a staple of modern literature. It’s hard to imagine society without them now that they’ve become so popular. They’re quick to publish, easy to read, and always organized in the places they need to be. It’s not a physical copy backed by a behemoth of a publishing company, but it is a much more practical way of getting your words out there, and if you play your cards just right, you can still have great success while doing it.

A Faster Way to Play

LaptopWhen you initially go to get a book published the traditional way- that is, having your manuscript accepted by a publishing company- you will end up dealing with a lot of rejection. Piles upon piles of letters telling you that your book isn’t good enough for them, if they decide to respond to you at all. Then once you finally get a company to like your book, you’ll have to wait an extra amount of time for them to get it on the list, and then finally print it out. Then you’ll have to wait more time on top of that to finally see it on shelves, with your name on the spine. Deanwesleysmith.com states that it takes approximately two years after your book is accepted to see it at your local library or bookstore. That’s where publishing an ebook comes in. The time is decreased exponentially to about a month after you finish (if you decide to have it proofread and edited, that is). But, case and point, it will be out there for the public to view to their hearts’ content.

Better Royalties

eBooksBefore you get confused, royalties is just a fancy writer’s term for the money they make off of their book. When you get your book printed through a publishing company, you’ll only make about 15% of all proceeds. That means for all of the hard work you’ve done, only 15% of all money made off of your book will come to you. While if your book is popular enough, that small percentage will add up, some authors just don’t get that kind of recognition. According to authorsguild.org, the generally accepted fair royalty rate for an ebook is about 50%. That’s half of every book you sell. That is a much better deal. And just imagine if your book gets popular with a royalty rate like that!

No More Rejection

RejectedThis is the big grievance of all writers who publish traditionally. They will face so much rejection and negativity before they actually land a publisher who is willing to take them in. Theguardian.com says that even the famed J.K. Rowling faced piles of rejection before she published her critically-acclaimed series. If someone as renowned as Rowling faced that kind of rejection, there’s no doubt that you will too. That will add months to the time it takes for you to finally get the book on your shelf, not to mention that it will severely bring down your morale as a writer. If you publish an ebook, however, rejection will not be an issue. All of the work is on you. You will never get a single letter of rejection because you will ultimately be the judge. While this will definitely constitute some extra work on your part, the reward will be well worth it and you’ll keep your resolve as a storyteller up.

To Publish or Not to Publish?

TabletPublishing an ebook is something to heavily consider when you finish your manuscript. It shaves down time, gives you a better profit, and eliminates having to deal with rejection. The popularity of ebooks, as well as ereaders themselves, such as the Nook Galaxy Tab 8, give you a massive market to work with. While it undeniably requires more work, publishing an ebook in today’s time can be much more effective than choosing to publish the old fashioned way. It will save you time, money, and help you grow as a writer altogether.