Cool Custom Castle Grayskulls

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Castle Grayskull is a fortress on the planet Eternia, and serves as the main base for He-Man and his allies in Masters of the Universe. It was one of the coolest He-Man toys I had growing up. But it’s gotten even cooler, mainly because the MOTU fanboys found some creative things to do with this castle, from spray painting it to making custom models. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones on the web.

Castle Grayskull 560x420Grayskull door 560x420via forum

castle2 acastle2 bcastle ee

via More photos here of how he made it.

EveryoneHe Manvia

castle grayskull 560x420

via Pisa-Cake (yes, Castle Grayskull is a wedding cake)

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Castle Grayskull by planetbryan 560x534

Castle Grayskull 2 by planetbryan 560x533via planetbryan

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2698183466 6ec9069deeat Comic Con, via Flickr

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via Computer Castle Grayskull

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Greyskull1 560x746One that’s being worked on currently, via The Fwoosh

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