Coolest and Dumbest Darth Maul Stuff

darth maulMore than a decade after Star Wars Episode I: Revenge of the Sith disappointed many longtime fans in theaters, I’m still torn over whether Darth Maul is cool or not. We all know that Darth Vader is cool, but Darth Maul had much cooler fighting techniques and a double-sided lightsaber.

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There are many Darth Maul action figures, but we all expected those. However, there are various other toys and items made that we didn’t exactly expect, resulting in some of the dumbest merchandising I’ve ever seen. So let’s look at…


(and the best stuff later)

Disney Star Wars Darth Maul Potato Head Mash Doll
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There’s a Mr. Potato Head version of every character and Darth Maul is no exception.

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There is NOT an M&M version of every character, but yes, there IS a Darth Maul M&M.

Star Wars Darth Maul Plush Episode I
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For those kids who want to take a fluffy evil Sith Lord to bed with them.

Funko Darth Maul Funko Force

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This looks like he’s taking a really large crap.

Star Wars Super Deformed Plush Maul
41nhAwKvnLL. SL500 AA300

This is what Darth Maul looked like as a child. So cute.

Funko Star Wars Bobblehead Doll – Darth Maul

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This bobblehead version of Maul gives him a tyrannical appearance, like he’s he’s about to address the members of the galactic senate.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures Wave 7 Darth Maul (Version 2)
31upIMSCtfL. SL500 AA300

If Darth Maul owned a police baton.

Star Wars: Animated Darth Maul Maquette
41PIbNlz9JL. SL500 AA300

Errr… suddenly Darth Maul looks like the Disney character Hades:

Hades2 205x300Darth Maul Vinyl Collectible
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Once again, a figure of Darth Maul taking a crap.

Mimobot Darth Maul Star Wars S4 USB Drive
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Darth Maul Life-Size Bust
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When it comes to busts, there’s nothing better than the 1:1 scale, so this guy, from Sideshow Collectibles, is a must for the mantle of any Episode I lunatic.

Duel of the Fates2221 press01 001 560x373

Here’s a cool diorama statue of Darth Maul jump-kicking the Jedi Knights.

RAY PARKS Autographed Signed DARTH MAUL Guitar JSA & Video
51YH4of5SmL. SL500 AA300 e1279223081372

Great artwork on this guitar.

Lego Star Wars: Ultimate Collection Series Darth Maul Bust (10018)
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This Lego bust doesn’t look the greatest, but Lego is too good to criticize and I’m sure this would be fun to build.

Sideshow Collectible Inclusive Edition Darth Maul 12
51MgIBFkT L. SS400 e1279222288950

Another great Sideshow Collectibles figure.

LEGO LOOSE Mini Figure Darth Maul with Silver Double-Sided Lightsaber
31gzlSoG38L. SL500 AA300

It’s small and affordable, and it’s a Lego. So it’s good.

Darth Maul Premium Format Figure7160 press01 001

Yet another great figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Cyborg Darth Maul by Sideshow Collectibles
300022 press01 001

This is the Cyborg Darth Maul, from “Old Wounds,” part of the Star Wars: Visionaries graphic story collection. His head looks a bit like Sauron, from Lord of the Rings, in this statue.

So, all of this stuff was created because of this sequence in Star Wars Episode I.