Cop Charged for Raiding Refrigerator

frigerator headerI’ve never been to Deer Park, Texas, but based solely on the details of this story, I’m going to surmise there aren’t a whole lot of drug kingpins and mass murderers setting up shop in town. Then again, when corrupt cops are raiding refrigerators without permission, the streets will have to wait.

A sting operation by a suburban Houston police department netted one of their own when surveillance cameras caught an officer repeatedly stealing colleagues’ food and drinks from the refrigerator in the station’s break room.

Now that’s what I call taking a bite out of crime. *fires imaginary six-shooters in the air, waits for Leno Show to call* This sounds like an episode of Reno 911!, minus the racism and mustaches.

Normally, I’d be livid that taxpayer money and valuable man hours were wasted busting a moron cop too cheap to buy his own lunch, but workplace refrigerator theft has gone unchecked far too long. I’m still pissed at the asshole responsible for swiping my Jersey’s Mike’s Italian sub and that was six years ago.

It’s high time these ice box interlopers be exposed for their larcenous behavior. Think of all the macaroni salads, leftover Pizza and Snapple that have gone missing over the decades. And for what? So some hungry hungry hijacker could stuff his or her face and go unpunished. I mean, c’mon! In the immortal words of George Costanza…

[Via SF Gate]