Corsendonk Christmas Ale

Corsendonk Christmas Ale

Brouwerij Corsendonk, NV

Corsendonk christmas cilinder 75cl 99x300Info: (snippet)For this reddish-brown Christmas Ale, the Corsendonk brewer uses roasted special malts, the finest hops, and selected yeasts, spiced up with a touch of coriander. With its delicate malty nose, Corsendonk Cristmas Ale has only the best of what a Christmas beer should offer.”

First of all, this beer cost a nasty $4.99 a bottle. That’s pretty steep considering man Sixers around here are only a shade higher than that! Well, fortunately it was a gift, so, I don’t nearly feel as bad. Also, this was my one opportunity to finally use the ‘Christmas in July’ axiom that gets tossed around so much this time of year. There, I feel justified. Anyway, we pour: and it is precisely what’s described above! What a surprise. Seriously, it is a really nice ruby-brown with a rich top that escalates to the tip of the glass. Nice. Right off the bat I detect hints of both roastiness and hoppiness (made up two words right there) and, oh yes, that ever mingling aroma of coriander. You can always tell when that’s in a beer, no doubt. I’m just glad it doesn’t smell like cinnamon or mint. Nasty.

Taste? Well, no here’s an oddity: I’m not too fond on the first sip. Let’s try that again. Nope, not much better. What’s the problem? Maybe a bit too malty, to be honest. The scent I had earlier of the coriander is all but buried, and that’s too bad since I really enjoy that taste in a decent brew. Crud, I’m a bit disappointed. Okay, for the sake of the readers, let’s knock back another hit. Man, I am just not to thrilled about this beer. I was so hoping for something more, ya know, considering the handiwork they put into the web site and all. I suppose it could be the simple fact that it’s been in the store cooler for six months or more, but what I really think is that it just doesn’t have that appeal I tend to get from other Holiday-themed beers. It just isn’t Christmas in a bottle. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. But, if I’d pair this with anything, I really could see it fairing well with a turkey Christmas dinner. Then, maybe, just maybe, it would be a shade better.

Rating: * *
Christmas Ale or not, this is just not as thrilling a brew as I’d hoped.