Craftsman MAKEcation 2015

Craftsman Makecation Shop 560x280

Imagine walking into the ultimate warehouse workshop, stocked with every tool you could think of, raw materials ready to build, and great instructors willing to help you learn new skills.

Craftsman MAKEcation Instructors 560x280

That is exactly what we encountered when we arrived in Brooklyn for Craftsman MAKEcation 2015. Working on the Internet, as we do, limits the amount of time we have to work with our hands and make things. So we jumped at the chance to join Craftsman at their annual event when presented with the opportunity to cover MAKEcation, the ultimate makers getaway.

Craftsman Makecation Brooklyn 560x280

“The Craftsman brand embodies our drive to make. At our inaugural 2014 Craftsman MAKEcation event, we celebrated creators from all walks of life – whether they were blacksmiths, woodworkers or even famous musicians,” said Ryan Ostrom, chief marketing officer, Craftsman. “This year, we’re kicking the action up a notch by drawing from an even bigger pool of world-renowned innovators and taking the program to Brooklyn, which is a true maker’s mecca.”

MAKEcation1 560x280Attendees win their way to MAKEcation by joining the Craftsman Club, but once we arrived on site, we were all tossed into the same gritty warehouse together to innovate with muscle, wood, fire and steel. Under the guidance of highly skilled expert instructors, we tackled a series of projects in different areas of the warehouse shop. Check them out in the photo gallery below :

Leatherwork : Belt

Craftsman Makecation Leatherwork 560x280

Will Lisak of ETWAS taught us about the nearly forgotten art of leatherwork.

Craftsman Makecation Leatherwork3 560x314

We each made our own leather belts.

Woodwork : Coathooks

Crafstman MAKEcation Rob North 560x280

Master Craftsman, Rob North, Led us in a unique woodworking project.

Craftsman Makecation Coathooks 560x280

For some reason measuring was way more difficult than it should have been.

Craftsman Makecation Coathooks2 560x314

Check out this sweet Man-O-Vation made with Craftsman Hammers!

Automotive : Carburetor

Craftsman Makecation Metalwork 560x280

In the Auto Shop, we were led by Sean Brayton from the Oilers Car Club

Craftsman Makecation Carburetor 560x314

Sean taught us how a Carburetor worked, and how to rebuild one.

Wood Lathe : Handles

Craftsman Makecation Lathe2 560x280

Wood Lathe led by Rob Johnstone & Dan Cary of Woodworker’s Journal.

Craftsman Makecation Lathe3 560x314

We created our own custom handles for a pizza cutter and bottle opener.

Woodworking : Toolbox

Craftsman MAKEcation Karl Champley 560x280

Project led by Karl Champley, who won Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV.

Craftsman Makecation Toolbox 560x280

This project required less measuring, so I redeemed myself.

Craftsman Makecation Toolbox2 560x314

The finished product was an awesome wood toolbox.

Craftsman MAKEcation : After Hours

Craftsman MAKEcation Graffitti 2 560x280

Mike Baca and Fernando Romero shared their Graffiti skills

Craftsman Makecation Cocktails 560x280

Mixology Class to end the day : Check out the toolbox bar back!

Craftsman Makecation Entertainment 560x314

Live Entertainment by Eric Paslay, Adam Realman, and Ill Conduct

Craftsman Makecation Group 560x280

We met some great new friends at Craftsman MAKEcation

The Craftsman MAKEcation 2015 was every bit as fabulous as it looks in these photographs, and one of the best events we’ve ever attended. We can’t wait until the next one, and would highly encourage joining the Craftsman Club so that you have a chance to win this trip in the future. Making something with your own two hands instills such a feeling of pride and accomplishment, and we’d like to thank Craftsman for reminding us of that. We’re now inspired to organize the garage and unbury the workbench to get to work on our own projects.

UPDATE : The Official Craftsman MAKEcation Video is now available!