Craigerator: Making Refrigerators Cool

PICT2380 299x300Ever get tired of staring at the same, old, boring, dull refrigerator? How many times have you said to yourself, “Self, isn’t there a more stylish, attractive way to keep perishables cold?”

Well, never fear. The days of having your decorative mojo messed up by a solid color fridge are over! Introducing the Craigerator…

According to his website at,

“Craig Jones is an entrepreneur. You know, one of those kind of people who are driven, bright, egotistical, thought they could always run things better than the boss and enjoys being able to take a day off when they want. The flip side is, they bust ass on some days, weeks, or even years until an idea works. Then, they continue to bust ass to make the bills. Difference is the skies the limit. Your never know how much money you’re gonna make ‘til it happens…. Another quality of entrepreneurs is that they get bored easy. Craig’s no exception and he started to get itchy to do something new.

What better kind of functioning art could there be but one that dispenses beer? So, he began to make Craigerator : Custom Kegerators by Craig. These cool objects de art are “One Offs”. One of a kind pieces of foamy drinking fun!”.

Through a twist of events (ask most business owners how they got started in something, 9 times out of 10 the answer is, “It just happened”) …he came up with the idea to convert old refrigerators into one of a kind pieces of functioning art.”

Take a look at just a few of the fridges given a new meaning of “cool” by Craig:

Risky Done 179x300 Jester Finish 2 small 157x300 After 4 176x300

If one of these refrigerated masterpieces is just what you’ve been looking for to brighten up a dull kitchen, you can visit Craig at his site. There, you will find many more designs, and even Craigerator Wraps just in case you’re not willing to totally commit your fridge to the cause.