Crazy Schwag for Hockey Fans

Banners, hats, pom-pons and bobbleheads are soooo old school. These days, to show your passion for your team, you’ve got to buy the products that you’d normally never suspect to have a logo on it. With the NHL season underway, it’s time to go shopping again and buy every last thing that the NHL will license.

Rubber Duckies
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Most importantly, they squeak.

Plush Dolls
blackhawks plush

Now you can sleep with one of several NHL players, including the loveable, hugable Jonathan Toews. Find out how to save 20% off of the Alex Ovechkin Plush Doll at our partner site, Capitals Outsider.

Also check out Yahoo’s article, Five moderately creepy, somewhat inaccurate NHL plush dolls.

penguins shoes 560x367

Because hockey fans are all about cross training in $100 shoes. Reebok teamed up with to develop a pair of shoes for each team. I’ve got to say, they’re not half-bad looking.

nhl monopoly 560x441

NHL Monopoly is only where it begins. There is also Monopoly for the Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL Original Six. What? No Phoenix Coyotes Monopoly?

Piggy Banks
islanders piggy bank

Chances are, if you buy something this silly, you’ve already given them all your money anyway.

Pillows that Transform into Stuffed Animals

pillow pet

Forest Faces

forest face red wings

You know what these are for? For decorating your tree. I kid you not.

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On that note, let’s take a Family Guy break.

Headphoneshabs headphones

Why spend a couple hundred on high-quality headphones when you can get NHL-themed ones for ~$30? Also check out the NHL portable speakers.

More junk from the What Were They Thinking? category

Super Sleds

Screen Shot 2011 10 06 at 8.59.26 PM

Mr. Potato Head

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Russian Nesting dolls

penguins russian nesting dolls

Garden Gnomes

rangers garden gnome