Eight of the Creepiest Fictional Castles

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Nothing screams Halloween like a big, scary haunted house. But forget that, these CASTLES are even scarier.


Castle Grayskull
Masters of the Universe

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The odd thing about Castle Grayskull is that it’s where the good guys hang out. So where do the bad guys stay? A place called Snake Mountain, which isn’t as cool as Grayskull.

snake mountain

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull From Mattel



The Red Castle
Alice in Wonderland


From a distance, the Red Castle looks downright noble, but don’t forget, it’s inhabited by this:

helena bonham carter as the red queen 202x300


Castle of the Crystal
The Dark Crystal


Even after Jen unifies the crystals during the alignment of the three suns, this place turns white (aka GOOD) but still looks creepy. See Gunaxin’s Tribute to Chamberlain.

A statue of this castle was supposed to be released last year in limited edition, but I don’t think it ever was. Check it out below:



Maleficent’s Forbidden Fortress
Sleeping Beauty


Maleficent, who won Gunaxin’s poll of which Disney villainess you’d want to hatef*$k, lives in the absolute most wicked looking castle of any Disney villain.

Maleficent’s Castle: Forbidden Fortress

900840 press07 001


Dracula’s Castle
Bram Stoker’s Dracula

gal home bram stokers dracula 2 560x306

The castle from the 1992 Francis Ford Coppala movie looks like an alien sitting on a throne.

Note that this place is fictional because it’s not the same as the Bran castle, the Transylvanian tourist attraction, Poenari Castle, which is Vlad the Impaler’s castle, or Orava Castle, where Nosferatu was filmed.


Lord of the Rings

barad dur 560x426

Sauron’s home is more of a tower with an eye but it does contain a moat and an extensive network of hallways and orc guards.

Barad-Dur The Dark Tower of Sauron Sculpture

lrv 01 z1

This item once went for about $100, now it’s common to see if on eBay for 5-10 times that price.


Wicked Witch’s Castle
The Wizard of Oz

818 64

This place has everything – flying monkeys, funny looking guards and a green witch who melts when she gets wet.

Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch’s Castle Collectible Figurine
411y1Z+GepL. SL500 AA300


White Queen’s Castle
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

white witch concept art 560x322via narnia fans

I don’t care what anyone says – the White Witch is hot.

narnia 300x231Here’s another item that at some point may or may not have been sold: