Mirko “Cro Cop” vs. Alistair Overeem

crocop24501 300x173What’s going on with my MMA idol “Cro Cop”? Seriously. He walked out with a “No Contest” fighting Overeem due to illegal blows to groin, but if it were the good old determined Cro Cop, he would have ended the fight much sooner against a fighter like Alistair. I still believed in him even after his second loss in UFC, but watching how this fight ended just made me sad. Either way, I think he should take some more time off to rethink his future, or may as well retire now to save the days of his glory.

Couple videos below showing how “Cro Cop” in his prime demolished Bob Sapp and Wanderlei Silva in K-1 and PrideFC respectively.