Dakar Rally 2012 Photos

Feature Image Dakar 2012 560x226

We’re big fans of Boston.com’s The Big Picture here at Gunaxin, and one of our favorite galleries of the year is when they share photos from the Dakar Rally :

Traversing over 8000 miles through Argentina, Chile, and Peru, the Dakar rally pits drivers and riders against each other and against extreme terrain. The 14-stage race attracts competitors from over 50 countries to race 465 vehicles – motorcycles, quad bikes, cars, and trucks – through deserts, rivers, and mountains. The race has seen its share of tragedy over the years, and the 2012 edition is no different, with Argentine motorcycle rider Jorge Boero dying after a crash near the end of the very first stage, and two spectators dying when their ultralight aircraft crashed.

Check out our favorites from the 2012 collection below, and if you dig those, you may also be interested in our favorites from 2011 and 2010 as well.