Darrell Royal and Darren Rovell

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This is Darrell Royal.

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This is Darren Rovell.

Darrell Royal was the respected football coach at the University of Texas from 1957-1976.

Darren Rovell is a universally disliked sports business reporter for ESPN.

Darrell Royal won two National Coach of the Year awards, but rarely mentioned them.

Darren Rovell won one Emmy, something he mentions constantly.

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Darrell Royal won three National Championships at Texas.

Darren Rovell once said that an immigrant marathon runner was not American enough to root for.

Darrell Royal never had a losing season as head coach at Texas.

Darren Rovell left CNBC in disgrace after being outed for lazy research and sensationalism.

Darrell Royal was an innovative coach who chose to stay out of the limelight.

Darren Rovell is a name-dropping hack who makes a living repeating PR statements.

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Darrell Royal battled Alzheimer’s disease and started a foundation to research a cure.

Darren Rovell forgets to acknowledge when he makes mistake after mistake.

Darrell Royal was with his wife Edith since they met in high school.

Darren Rovell complained that Playboy models aren’t attractive enough.

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Darrell Royal was never on social media.

Darren Rovell will happily brag about his number of Twitter followers, and started an account for his newborn daughter.

Darrell Royal was friends with Lyndon Johnson and Willie Nelson.

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Darren Rovell claims to be friends with every athlete, celebrity and model he ever met.

Darrell Royal passed away this week at 88, and has been praised as a decent man and great coach.

Darren Rovell lives on, waiting for another opportunity to tweet about the financial ramifications of a tragedy.