David Stern’s Nightmare

Despite the fact that we won’t see the LeBron-Kobe matchup that many had anticipated, it was still an exciting week of NBA action. And with the underdog Magic getting ready to take on a veteran Lakers squad, the Finals look to be just as interesting. But not everyone’s excited about the fact that King James is done for the year, and with Game 1 kicking off tonight, we take a look inside the head of one very unhappy camper: Commissioner David Stern. Video courtesy of The Global Sports Fraternity.

David Stern wears a nightcap? Who knew?!?

It looks like Vitaminwater is also switching gears and focusing on Dwight Howard now, with this new commercial Dwight vs Dwight. He starred in it, produced and directed it – and it’s debuting tonight during the finals.

That ad is a bit of a spoof on the previously running Kobe or LeBron, great debate Vitaminwater ad: