DBB – Clay Pipe, Pursuit of Happiness Winter Warmer

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Clay Pipe Brewing Company – Pursuit of Happiness Winter Warmer

8.25 abv (I’m feeling warm already)

As you might be able to figure out on your own this winter beer is a winter warmer. I discovered this beer a few years ago at a beer tasting at Hard Times in Columbia, Md. Hard Times is a chili restaurant, but they’ve since closed their Columbia location, so I don’t get to eat there very often. Though, they sell chili mix on their website, so sometimes I’ll whip up some Hard Times Chili at home.

Pursuit of Happiness Winter Warmer is a hoppy beer, but it starts with a pleasant sweetness. This was my favorite beer at the beer tasting and it’s still one of my favorite winter beers now. According to Clay Pipe Brewing Company:

“The “Pursuit” is a big beer. It lacks nothing. A rich malty sweet start is balanced beautifully with the massive hop flavor that quickly tells you that you are not drinking anything ordinary. As this beer goes down, a warming sensation is created in your belly, a nice treat on a cold winter evening. The alcohol level is high so take good care when partaking in this wonderful specialty brew.”

Clay Pipe Brewing Company isn’t a big brewer, they only make 3 beers. Gregg Norris started Clay Pipe in 2002, in Westminster, Md. Gregg started his brewing career as an experimental brewer at Anheuser-Busch, he went to manager and stay with them for seven years before coming to his senses. He decided to get into the craft brewing craze in the early nineties when he got a job at Pub Brewing Company. “PBC was a young equipment manufacturer that was building turnkey brewing systems to enable entrepreneurs of all kinds to enter the hot microbrewery market.” A few more years and another job change later and Gregg was starting his own brewery, with a strong brewing and brewing equipment background. Clay Pipe Brewing Company currently brews their beer in Frederick, Md at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Md.