Clipper City’s Winter Storm

winterstorm 225x300Winter Storm

Clipper City Brewing Company

7.5 abv (that’s not bad at all)

After working late on a Saturday, I thought I’d kick back and try Clipper City Brewing Company’s Winter Storm. Winter Storm is part of Clipper City’s Heavy Seas series of beers.

“Our Heavy Seas line represents our highest expression of the brewer’s art. Each beer is bottled conditioned, intentionally leaving a small amount of live yeast in the package to naturally carbonate the beer. Bottle conditioning also adds subtlety and complexity, allowing the beers to evolve over time (within reason), not unlike fine wine. Each also represents a very robust style- usually in excess of 7% ABV. Grab one of these extrAARGHdinary beers and embrace your inner pyrate!”

Winter Storm has a nice amber color and a hoppy scent, it’s certainly a winter warmer. It’s a balanced beer with a malty flavor and a hoppy finish. It’s a very good beer. According to their site:

“Our “winter warmer” ale, brewed with copious helpings of English malts and US and English hops, a ruddy hued “Imperial ESB” in style. Full malty flavors dancing with powerful hop aromas and a lingering, firm hop bitterness. Seasonally available from mid October to February.”

In 1995 Hugh Sisson opened Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore.

“Hugh Sisson opened Baltimore’s first brewpub Sisson’s in 1989, encouraging the re-emergence of craft beer in Baltimore. Mr. Sisson was the first brew master at this pioneering brewpub, and developed a broad knowledge of beer styles and brewing techniques.

In 1995, Hugh decided that it was time to leave Sisson’s and move the beers to a larger platform, so he established and developed Clipper City as the Baltimore area’s largest facility producing high caliber beers for wholesale distribution. In late Fall of 1998 Clipper City merged/acquired the Oxford Brewing Company, Maryland’s first craft brewery.

In 2003, Clipper City developed another brand for the beer aficionado: Heavy Seas. The Heavy Seas line represents our highest expression of the brewer’s art with very robust styles and ABVs usually in excess of 7%.

Currently Clipper City Brewing produces over 14 styles of ales and lagers, is distributed in over 18 states and has won hundreds of International, National, and regional awards. For all product details, please visit the “Beers” page.”