DeAndre Jordan Dunks Over Blake Griffin

Deandre jordan dunkWhen Chris Paul came to the Los Angeles Clippers last season we expected him to team with young superstar Blake Griffin to create a high-flying team. It looks like those predictions were on the money, as the Clippers hold a one game lead in the Pacific Division, and were riding a six game winning streak going into last night’s game against fellow first place team Chicago. The Clippers streak continued their winning streak, beating Chicago on the road 94-89 thanks to a first half run that included a pair of monster slams.

With the Clips down one with a little over three minutes to go Griffin started off a 12-2 run, taking off for a power dunk to put the Clippers up 39-38. A minute later teammate DeAndre Jordan one-upped his more famous teammate with a slam of his own, over Griffin himself. Announcer Hubie Brown, working the game for TNT, saw the Jordan dunk coming, warning the Bulls to “watch the trailer”.