Dell XPS 730x Gaming Computer

gamingcomputer 300x297Back in the day, I built my computers from scratch. I would do my due diligence and figure out what was the best motherboard, video card, chassis, CPU, RAM, etc. configuration I wanted and priced it all out at Then I would place my orders with several different vendors and then I would wait for all the parts to arrive from California. Sometimes it would be a smooth process to put everything together and sometimes, it was a major PITA to get everything playing nicely. In the end, I’d have my gaming rig that I would run benchmark after benchmark on to see how it compared to the other nerds’ machines.

Sadly, those days are gone. I’m way too lazy to do the research and I’m even lazier to figure out which sites really have what parts in stock at the price advertised on So what option am I left with? That’s right Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

Dell, for a while now, has had the XPS (eXtreme Performance Systems) lineup. Dedicated to hardcore overclocking nerds that crave over-the-top benchmarks all packaged in a neon-glowing form factor.

Dell just introduced its new XPS 730x gaming system to the world. The x” designation means it will use Intel’s Core i7 platform instead of the Core 2. The system will offer all 3 of Intel’s current i7 CPUs: the i7 920 (2.66 GHz), i7 940 (2.93 GHz) and the i7 965 (3.2 GHz).

Also, the XPS chassis will feature a multi-colored lighting system. The lights can be customized to whatever color you want it to be when certain applications are running and even when you receive new email! Not only that, Dell has added lighting inside the chassis if you happen to remove the side cover. Four strategically placed white LEDs are powered by a battery to help you see what is where without fumbling for a flashlight. This is a feature that’s been out in the aftermarket for a while, but it’s finally made it into a factory production unit.

Dell has given the user plenty of options to build this unit out with some of the latest tech out there.

Factory units rarely destroy custom built units, but you save the time, headaches, worry about fubaring an install, and everything else associated with building your own rig.

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And for those that want a laptop? Dell makes some nice XPS gaming laptops as well. As I recently discovered, girls really dig them too. Check out more pictures at