Dennis Hopper – Another Entourage Death

Dennis HopperLegendary screen villain Dennis Hopper died Saturday, but what is most troubling is that this is following the trend of actors dying soon after having a guest starring role on the HBO show Entourage. It’s cursed! Hopper played himself on the show a couple of seasons ago when he was betting on soccer with Vince.

Look who else has died since appearing on that show:

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  • Bruno Kirby – played Phil Rubenstein, a movie mogul who adored his Shrek doll
  • Sydney Pollack – played himself in an episode where Ari wanted to borrow his G5
  • Chris Penn – played himself. He was boxing and Drama was asking him for money
  • Sydney+Pollack+photo 75x75Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein – played himself in an episode where he and Turtle were trying to get limited edition sneakers
  • Stanley DeSantis – played Scott Wick for three episodes

Who’s next? Gary Busey? Pauly Shore?

Anyway, rest in peace, Dennis Hopper.