Dennis Rodman: Hall of Fame Weirdo

header17Professional athletes are known to be eccentric. To stand out in this crowd you have to be pretty strange. We’re talking boarder line psychotic. Well, Dennis Rodman certainly fits into¬†this category. While he has attracted attention over the past year for being a self-appointed ambassador to North Korea, Rodman has long been making a scene wherever he goes.

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In 2011 he became hands down the weirdest person ever to be¬†inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Although his induction was due to his defensive abilities, we’ll remember him for things like his ever changing hair color, dating Madonna, legally marrying himself, and his constant shedding of clothes. The following gallery is a tribute to some of Dennis Rodman’s weirdest moments. The only thing we can say is at least he didn’t tattoo his face.