Destroy All Trolls! The Troll Hunter Trailer

trollhunter mockumentary promo shot

Sony and other electronics manufacturers need to start marketing their camcorders a different way. It seems like every other person who buys one winds up dead. Then their footage is found, edited, and released in theaters. Just recently, a group of Norwegian 20-somethings were hunting for trolls and they must have been killed because here’s The Troll Hunter, which was just picked up by Magnet Films for 2011 distribution in the U.S. The first domestic trailer looks really awesome.

The Troll Hunter is about a group of incorrigible 20-somethings who team up with Norway’s foremost troll scholar for a hunt. It turns out the Norwegian government has known about the existence of these beasts forever and has been covering it up. Our Norwegian sources (Wikipedia) tell us the movie sticks pretty close with Norse and Scandinavian troll mythology — like the whole smelling a Christian trait and use of flashing lights to scare them off. One gross oversight is the shiny gems for bellybuttons prominent on troll dolls. They bring good luck when rubbed.