Devin Harris Drills Amazing Game Winner

In case you missed it, Devin Harris of the New Jersey Nets hit an unbelievable half court shot to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 98-96. Down one with just under two seconds, Harris dribbles up towards mid-court, where he is possibly fouled by Andre Iguodala. Harris loses the ball, it bounces off Iguodala’s chest, ricochets back to Harris, and he proceeds to drill the shot.

My favorite part of the clip is during one of the replays (at approximately 1:08 into the video) you can clearly see ref Violet Palmer waive off the shot, to which Vince Carter gives a shocked reaction. I guess even in such an amazing play, there’s reason to criticize female refs. At least they ultimately got the call right and allowed the shot. Here’s the video (provided by The Hoop Doctors):