Dexter’s Kill Shirt

dexter main 240x300

ThinkGeek will help you upgrade your wardrobe with the Dexter’s Kill Shirt. If you haven’t seen the show Dexter on Showtime, then you’re missing out not only on a great show, but some excellent fashion. If looks can kill, maybe you can get that look wearing this shirt.

d5a9 dexters kill shirt

ThinkGeek is always on top of getting the hottest fashion shirts in pop culture out to the masses. Dexter sports this shirt while he’s killing the bad guys. The shirt is an army green thermal Henley, made up of cotton and polyester. It will shrink, so you buy a larger size than you are accustomed to so you will still be able to wear it out when you go to paint the town red (sorry about that joke…I had to). Check out ThinkGeek’s website to pick up the shirt for $24.99.