Diablo Scammer Meets Internet’s Collective Fist

ass kicking contest

The missing leg is broken off in the scammer's ass

Robert Rapier just wanted to play Diablo 2 with his son, showing the kind of cute nerdy father/son bonding we all wish our dads would have given us instead of making us shovel that six foot deep hole in the garden the day after Mom left town.  So he went online, looking for keys, and ordered one from diablo-keys.com.

Then he found out the guy running the site had screwed him out of five bucks, and, more importantly, his son out of dungeon-crawling. Emails were exchanged, scammers were riled up, and the scammer told Robert “Go ahead!  Out me as a sleazebag who ruins the dreams of children on your shitty little blog!  What do I care!  I’m rolling in the dough from selling fake Diablo 2 keys to crippled puppies and other losers.

So Robert did, and also dropped a line to let Reddit know. So we thought we’d do our part. Hope the $5 was worth it!