Diesel Powered Chopper – First of its Kind

monster diesel2
Alkane’s Monster Diesel™ Partnered with TLC’s American Chopper™ to build the first ever, one of a kind diesel powered Chopper. This head turner has a orange and black paint scheme to match Monster Diesels colors and is powered by a 3 cylinder diesel tractor motor. The whole concept around this project is to show the world the power and environmental benefits of using Monster Diesel Fuel Additive which can be added to any diesel engine to produce more horsepower, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and less wear and tear on diesel engines.

Alkane announced on April 13th that they have filed for a patient for a newly developed synthetic fuel for use as an additive, blend, or fuel for gasoline powered engines. It delivers more power to the engine and produces significantly less heat yielding a huge savings in fuel consumption.

If you are into choppers, diesel/gasoline engines, performance and saving fuel, Alkane and its products are defiantly worth keeping an eye on at www.monsterdiesel.com.

Baltimore, MD – Alkane, Inc.’s (ALKN.PK) flagship product, Monster Diesel™, was featured in an episode of TLC’s American Chopper™. More than five hundred people filled Baltimore’s Canton Square, as Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers arrived to deliver a custom made motorcycle to Baltimore based diesel fuel additive manufacturer, Monster Diesel™. Teutul himself unveiled the first of its kind diesel powered chopper and rode around the Square before presenting it onstage to principals of the company.

Motorcycles are not typically powered by diesel fuel and the engine is actually a converted diesel tractor motor. The horsepower necessary to convert the three cylinder engine for use in a street legal motorcycle is imparted by the power boosting multifunctional Monster Diesel™ additive. “I haven’t seen it done before,” said Teutul, referring to the creation of a diesel powered bike. Orange County Choppers is also endorsing the Monster Diesel™ additive.

“The fact that OCC is backing our product and telling the public that this additive does what it says it does is the truly unique aspect of this scenario. They know from first hand experience,” said Mathew Zuckerman, Ph.D., President & CEO of Monster Diesel™. “And the fact that TLC’s American Chopper™ finds Monster Diesel™’s ability to make a tractor engine street legal impressive enough to build an episode around it speaks to the significance of this feat.”