Disturbed’s Asylum Interactive Game Hints

Picture 22 e1288384606699 560x181The band Disturbed has created one of the most fun and well-produced interactive games (that’s not a true video game) for promoting their new album, Asylum.

You’re a patient at an insane asylum, and you must complete a series of tasks to ‘unlock’ bonus features, such as new tracks, live tracks, and photos.

The game works best if you have a webcam, and if you link it up to Facebook some of your answers to their questions will display. It’s best to act completely nuts when playing this game. It also helps to know the band and their music. Check it out at disturbedasylum.com.

Spoiler alerts below the video.

Spoiler Alerts

  • When you’re looking at your chart, click on your name, then on the constellation, and the words in red are words you’ll need for later. But you must also complete the survey with the most disturbing answers to unlock some content.
  • While in therapy, these words get you some bonus photos: Rage, Crazy, Sad, Leave, but other words, and song names, work as well for your amusement.
  • To get out of therapy, type in your patient number: 491239254, or ‘kill me’ if you want to die.

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