Don’t Vote for Wolfie

Wolfie header

It’s election time once again, that time of year when we are subjected to countless commercials pleading for our votes. Candidates produce polished spots telling us why they deserve our support. For most voters, however, the commercials just become white noise, as we get so overwhelmed that it takes something special to break through.

We think we’ve found just such a spot. In this un-aired one minute campaign commercial Nevada mascot Wolfie urges voters to support him in the annual Capitol One Mascot competition. First, this is a contest we can get behind :

While mascot music videos are hardly a new phenomenon, this one featuring Wolfie has that special level of awful that should bring out the voters (for his competition).

As you can see, this video manages to violate all three rules for making a great mascot campaign video.

  1. Be Original.
  2. Be Funny.
  3. No Boy Bands.

Hopefully next season the good folks at the University of Nevada, Reno can take some hints from CAM the Ram, the Colorado State mascot.