Dr. Who’s Sexiest Female Companions

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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who on the BBC. The Doctor’s newest, and hottest companion is actress Jenna-Louise Coleman who takes a turn as Clara, the Eleventh Doctor’s running buddy. We’ve gone back through the entire run of the series, and identified the ten hottest women who have ever traveled space and time in the Tardis.

Two notes: We only included actresses who appeared in multiple episodes and achieved actual companion status. Second, we did not include any of the male companions, though we support anyone who wishes to do so.

10. Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane SmithActress: Elisabeth Sladen

Doctor: Jon Pertwee / Tom Baker

9. Zoe Heriot

ZoeActress: Wendy Padbury

Doctor: Patrick Troughton

8. Peri Brown

Peri BrownActress: Nicola Bryant

Doctor: Peter Davison and Colin Baker

7. Romana (I)

Romana IActress: Mary Tamm

Doctor: Tom Baker

6. Leela

LeelaActress: Louise Jameson

Doctor: Tom Baker

5. Tegan Jovanek

TeganActress: Janet Fielding

Doctor: Tom Baker and Peter Davison

4. Rose Tyler

Rose TylerActress: Billie Piper

Doctor: Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant

3. Martha Jones

Martha JonesActress: Freema Agyeman

Doctor: David Tennant

2. Amy Pond

Amy PondActress: Karen Gillan

Doctor: Matt Smith

1. Clara

ClaraActress: Jenna-Louise Coleman

Doctor: Matt Smith