Dress Up Your Apple Gadgets as… Books

Got a portable Apple product? Of course you do, because if you don’t then you’re living in the stone ages of technology and not capable of reading this site. So, which of the 5,000 cases out there should you use? Well, since you already spent a lot of money on the product itself, why not spend money on a QUALITY case? And while you’re at it, why not dress it up as something that Apple will help make obsolete? You know… a book. And an old book, at that.

Twelve South, a company that only makes products that make your Apple products better, sells several high-quality cases for the iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air.


BookBookiPhone keys headerlarge 560x253While this was created for the iPhone 4, it also work with the brand new iPhone 4s. But it’s not just an iPhone case – it can double as a wallet.

iPad / iPad2

BookBookiPad shelf header 560x253Got a tablet PC? This also doubles as a display stand. Comes in classic black or vibrant red.

MacBook Pro

pageHeroImages bookbook2 560x253

Remember that criminals are typically illiterate, so when they see a book, they won’t steal it. Therefore, your MacBook Pro or Air will be safe.

MacBook Air

BookBook Air Left Hero e1318649820907

(Photos via Twelve South)