Dress Up Like a Muppet

drteethandtheelectricmayhemWe all love the Muppets, and even though we’re grown up now, the child in us wants to dress up like a Muppet every now and then, whether it be Halloween, our birthday, or one of those Eyes Wide Shut sex parties. So without further delay, here are the best adult Muppet costumes available.

Adult Kermit Costume

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We start with Kermit because he is the most recognizable Muppet and thus the most important. Dressing up like Kermit is like dressing up like Luke Skywalker or Odysseus. (mask only)

Gonzo Costume Adult Standard

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Every group has a goofball, and Gonzo is that goofball. Even better – it’s Gonzo wearing his cape, so you can do crazy stunts with chickens. (mask only)

Miss Piggy Wig With Ears, Tiara and Nose

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Something for the chicks. This costume says it comes with a pig nose, but this girl ain’t wearing one. So if it doesn’t really come with one, get this:

Pig Nose
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Fozzie Bear Costume Adult Standard
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For the guy in the group who likes to tell jokes. Waka waka! (mask only)

Animal Costume Adult Standard
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For the wild one in the group, the Animal costume gives you license to chase women around screaming “Woman!” and if you play the drums you make this character even more authentic. (mask only)

Statler Overhead Latex Mask

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For the heckler in the group.

Waldorf Overhead Latex Mask
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For the other heckler in the group.

The Muppets Group Overhead Latex Costume Masks Set of 4
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If you want all four of these masks, you can but them as a set, or individually. But we recommend buying the full costume, because otherwise you’re simply not trying now, are you?