Dundee Pale Ale

Dundee Pale Ale, Dundee Brewing Company – Rochester, NY

dundee pale ale

History: (Directly from the label) “What is the key to happiness? Money? There are the tax issues. Power? The demands on your time. Fame? Photographers there when you’re in your skivvies. Sex? Well, there are some things you just can’t argue about. But for a true hop lover, happiness is a perfectly balanced Pale Ale. Dundee Pale Ale is hop perfection. It won’t give you money, power or fame, but who needs such things when you have one damn good bottle of beer.

So I found some Dundee at my local Super Market, rather than my pricier liquor store, and I have to say I was damn glad it was cheap. The initial pour brought about a beautifully creamy head and what a stunningly gorgeous beer! The color is a light amber (though less than could be considered an Amber Ale) and so very clear and crisp. Wow, I am just taken aback by how pretty this brew looks! I might have just found a new favorite at least in the ‘attractive-yet-on-the-cheap’ department. And that nice head hangs out for a bit. That I like.

Open up that nose and there’s no doubt about its hoppiness, but it’s about the least obtrusive hoppiness I’ve ever smelled. If I could be a little literate here: it smells about as sexy as it looks. Yeah, maybe I’m focusing a bit on looks on this one. Anyway, it’s a sweet, grassy smell that reminds me of warm summer evenings when the breeze blows just right. It’s like a Michigan July in a bottle right here.

And what a crisp, light, refreshing drink! It’s hoppiness is tinted with a honey body and finishes just as nicely. Oh, and of the bitterness that is there -which isn’t much- only hangs out for a second as it leaves behind a slightly clingy almost fruity mouth feel. Wow, it’s just plain old delicious! With this beer you could quite easily pair some grilled fair like seafood, maybe some veggies in olive oil, or even a chicken dish with some sage and garlic. Yes, that last one just made me hungry to eat something with this stunning draft. Worth while indeed.

Rating: * * * * *

Not often do I hand that rating out for something other than a dark beer, but this one earns it all the way around.