DVD Pick of the Week 10/21/08

dieanotherday poster 202x300

The Real Man’s DVD Pick of the Week.

I’ve decided to start a new weekly post featuring a DVD pick every week, of course, from the title, I’m sure you’ve guessed that this pick will be geared towards guys.

This week there are several DVDs worthy of being Gunaxin.com’s DVD pick of the week, so I’ll discuss a few and then let you know what DVD I’ve decided is worthy of this special honor.

First off there’s Family Guy, Vol. 6, who else can appreciate murderous babies, communion wafer vomit, and hamburgers causing strokes but real men. Of course, while it’s still funny, this season doesn’t quite live up to seasons past, so I can’t choose this one.

Next, there’s The Incredible Hulk, what real man couldn’t love a giant green monster destroying everything put in front of him. Now, you might not think that this could be a real man’s pick, but I’m sure if you look inside of any real man you’ll find a comic book geek waiting leap forth. Of course, if you looked at the picture above you might be able to tell that the Hulk is not this weeks dvd pick.

This week’s pick is, of course, the James Bond Blu-ray Collection, I know, this is technically a Blu-ray and not a DVD, is a whole collection, and not only that it’s the first week so I should picka DVD but…Two words – Bond Girls. Besides all this, there’s ass-kickin’ fights, sweet cars and so many gadgets that my head might explode, but really it’s the girls. James Bond’s pretty cool, too…I guess.

The following disks are included in the collection (I’ve included links to the DVDs, as well):

  • Dr. No [Blu-ray] – Dr. No [DVD]
  • From Russia with Love [Blu-ray] – From Russia With Love [DVD]
  • Thunderball [Blu-ray] – Thunderball [DVD]
  • Live and Let Die [Blu-ray] – Live and Let Die [DVD]
  • For Your Eyes Only [Blu-ray] – For Your Eyes Only [DVD]
  • Die Another Day [Blu-ray] – Die Another Day [DVD]

Here’s a preview of the next bond girl Olga Kurylenko: