DVD Pick of the Week 11/25/08

hancock 300x240Gunaxin.com’s DVD Pick of the Week

There are plenty of great DVD’s being released this week and you know you haven’t finished your christmas shopping yet. We’ve combed through the myriad of DVD releases this week to bring you a pick we can be proud of, or at least we liked it enough to write this article about it.

First off there’s George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya, this is Carlin’s 14th and Final HBO special, and it was aired just 3 months before his death (ironically death featured prominently in this routine). George Carlin is famous for his “Seven Dirty Words” routine, and his material has always been known for its raunchy off-color aspects. He lives up to that precedent here, with the seven dirty words flowing eloquently off his tongue, even if he is “an old F***”. You know you can’t resist picking up George Carlin’s Swan Song.

Next up we have 24: Redemption, the first thing I have to say is Happy Bauer Day. But, you already knew that any day that Jack Bauer’s on TV is going to be a Happy Bauer Day. 24 is over the top, unbelievable and Jack Bauer seems to be invulnerable and immune to all forms of torture and injury, but that’s why we love it. 24 is a smorgasbord of action and explosions to delight us like nothing else since we were watching Transformers as a kid. 24:Redemption is a 2 hour real-time (just like the show) movie that bridges last season and the upcoming season that starts in January. I’m assuming the “Redemption” part of the title means that they’re trying to redeem themselves for subjecting us to 18 months without a Happy Bauer Day). We can’t make it the DVD pick because it’s a made for TV movie that aired on Fox on Sunday night, but if you missed it don’t forget to pick it up, or even if you didn’t miss it and you just want to see it in all its DVD glory.

This Week’s DVD Pick of the Week is Hancock. Hancock is a superhero, well he has superpowers, he’s actually more of a Bum that fights crime. He drinks, he’s rude, and he tends to cause more harm than good. During his crime fighting escapades he destroys everything from buildings to a train, after a public outcry¬†warrants are issued for his arrest. Of course, that all changes when he saves the life of an advertising man Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman, the father from Arrested Development), who convinces him to change his image, first by turning himself into the police. After that he convinces Hancock to clean up his act, and fight crime without all the destruction. The Critics panned this movie, it has a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, of course, we know that the critics aren’t always right. While Hancock might not be high art, it’s an action packed train smashing good time.


A few more good DVD releases include:

  • A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! – You know Steven Colbert is Hilarious.
  • Bottle Rocket – Criterion Collection – From the guy who made Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums
  • 2008 Philadelphia Phillies: The Official World Series Film – We all love Baseball, if not necessarily the Phillies.
  • More…