DVD Pick of the Week 1/13/09

appaloosa 202x300Although, it’s a better week for DVDs than the last week of 2008, it’s not looking too good this week.

There’s Swing Vote, Kevin Costner plays a beer swilling redneck whose miscast ballot turns out to be the deciding vote in the US Presidential Election. The ridiculous plot has the candidates swooping down on Costner’s small town and catering their political views to his interests. The filmmakers seem to be trying to make a political statement about politician’s campaign promises but it didn’t really work. It’s an OK film, but you’re really going to have to strain your disbelief for this one.

There are a few interesting movies coming out. Let’s take a look:

There are several Horror DVD’s coming to a store near you:

  • My Bloody Valentine- The classic 1981 slasher flick is finally uncut and gorier than ever.
  • Mirrors- Jack Bauer, I mean Keifer Sutherland gets a job as a night watchman at an abandoned department store where several large mirrors have mysteriously survived a serious fire. Then the hallucinations start.
  • Hit and Run- A woman believes she hit a cat but when she gets home she finds an impaled nearly dead body on the front bumper of her Jeep.
  • Blackout- Three people trapped in an elevator.

Next up we have a few straight to DVD comedies.

  • Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling- This is a crappy sequel to a mediocre comedy, but if you look to the right, it has one thing going for it.
  • Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach- Seann William Scott plays a janitor turned tennis couch who teaches the loser tennis team that “sometimes it takes big balls to to play hard-ball”.

This weeks DVD Pick of the Week is Appaloosa. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen play a pair of law men who travel from town to town cleaning out the bad guys. Things get interesting when they’re hired to protect a town from an evil rancher who killed the former Sheriff.

Check out the rest of the movies available this week, or go to Amazon’s list of New Releases.

  • Tyler Perry’s Marriage Counselor
  • Brideshead Revisited
  • Captains and the Kings
  • Family That Preys
  • My Best Friend’s Girl
  • Tokyo Gore Police
  • Bustin’ Down the Door
  • Ghost in the Shell, Vol. 2: Innocence
  • Brick Lane
  • Supercop

There are quite a few TV releases coming out this week.

  • Reba – Season 5
  • Dallas – The Complete Tenth Season
  • Matlock – Season Two
  • Walker, Texas Ranger – The Complete Sixth Season
  • Skins – Vol. 1
  • Little Britain USA
  • Lovejoy – Season 4
  • House of Payne, Vol. 3
  • Man vs Wild: Season 2
  • Til Death – The Complete Second Season