Dyson’s New Bladeless Fan


Everyone’s favorite inventor is up to his old tricks again. James Dyson, inventor of the ‘revolutionary’ ball vacuum cleaners is back, this time with a rather different device. Instead of sucking air in, Dyson has turned his attention to blowing it out, right into your face.

The Fans are noteworthy, not because of their elegant, sexy, and excitingly futuristic design, but because of the somewhat apparent lack of blades. As you probably know, fans generally work by forcing air at you in much the same way a propeller forces water away from itself – with blades literally pushing it away. Dyson decided he didn’t much care for the uncomfortable “choppy” feeling that came with that, so invented his line of bladeless fans.

The finer details of how it works are actually, surprisingly simple.This promotional video from Dyson goes some way to explaining it, but basically, the hoop is built like the wing of a plane, and air is forced across it by a small fan contained within the base. This draws in more air and supposedly the end result is 15x more air coming out than went in… Whatever, we just like the way it looks – if it can keep us cool then all the better. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to see if it really works soon.

You can find a more detailed walk through of the tech here, and a video of Sir James explaining it to the Daily Telegraph here

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