EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp Video Game

game shot e1291621013464Are you ready for some football? Make that are you ready to train like the Pro’s do to get in shape for each season? The NFL Training Camp video game from EA Games takes you inside your favorite teams practice and let you workout with the team. The game was developed with NFL strength and conditioning coaches to produce an authentic feel of how players train. You can experience the thrill of competition while challenging friends and family with this game for Wii. The game comes with a heart rate monitor and wireless motion tracking to get a great workout and experience measurable results. Plus you can go to the EA SPORTS Active online hub where you can share training results and challenge others to beat your personal best, as well as track progress toward specific fitness goals. This game is legit. It provides a solid workout yet you will enjoy each time you turn this game on. I have a treadmill at my home and would run five days a week. Running a treadmill is a great workout, but it got boring. The NFL Training Camp game keeps my heart racing and it keeps my mind always guessing¬† to what is coming next to challenge me.


Here are some of the games features that makes the game challenging but fun! There are NFL approved challenges that include over 70 drills and challenges designed to improve strength, power and conditioning, as well as reaction skills, agility and first step quickness, all key areas NFL players focus on. The built in heart rate monitor allows you to record your heart rate on screen in real-time with the innovative EA Sports Active heart rate monitor to capture intensity and optimize performance over time. The Wireless Motion Tracking system uses motion sensors in leg and arm straps along with the Wii remote to register movement and provide complete freedom of motion. One my personal favorite features is that you pick your favorite team, step into a stadium and train alongside your favorite players. I had Frank Gore from the 9ers be my personal trainer to get me into shape. Another feature is the NFL Combine 60-Day Challenge to provide total body conditioning using progressive exercise. Train like the pros do and take on the Combine. You can check out how fast you run the 40 and brag to your friends on how faster you are then them. If you have a Wii Balance Board you can add new challenges to your workout with the Balance Board.

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The game allows you to have fun and lose weight at the same time.¬† When exercise does not seem like a chore you will keep at it and live a better and healthier lifestyle. I know the NFL has the Play 60 program to get kids to exercise for at least one hour a day.This game will encourage not just kids to work out 60 minutes a day, but people of all ages will put in a solid hour of exercise. This game will make a perfect gift for anyone who loves the NFL and is looking for a way to work out. The NFL Training Camp game can be purchased at the EA’s website, NFL.com, and Amazon.com. The game sells for $99.95 and is worth every penny. Save your money from costly gym memberships and workout in the comfort of your own home, while challenging your family and friends. You can see if you can beat Chad Ochocinco’s time or Stu’s time when you post your results online. To meet your challengers and get an in depth preview of the game check out the trailers below.