Earbuds Get a Wicked Look

One of my pet peeves is the ear buds that come with your mp3 player. They seem to always fall out of your ears and the sound is just okay. Thankfully someone has solved that problem for me. It is the good folks at Wicked Audio part of Empire Brand Inc. that created a line of headphones. I had the chance to test out the Bones ear buds. They had a great look to them and it was a conversation starter at the gym. A few people came up to me and asked me where I got them and how can they get a pair. I told them to go to www.empirebrandsinc.com or go to any retailer online that sells electronics.

WE 8802The ear buds have a comfortable feel to them and don’t feel like they will slip out of my ear. Another great thing about the Bones ear buds is that they isolate noise at a substantial amount. You can pay up to $100 bucks or more for ear buds, but why do that? For under $30 you can have great looking ear buds that rival the $100 set.

BonesEach set has a creative design that makes them stand out. You can see their attention to detail on the ear buds. I had the Bones style, but Wicked Audio also produces a few other styles as well. You can get ones with the Ace of Spades, a Knights Cross, the eight ball, or the Maiden which is a green style cross on the metallic shell of the ear buds.

The cord length is great at 1.2 meters and is all the length you will need to hook into your mp3 player. Another great feature is the lifetime warranty that comes with the set. You know when a company gives a lifetime warranty they stand by their product and know that you will satisfied with your purchase.  Whatever music you will be rockin’ to make sure you got a set of Wicked Audio ear buds along for the ride because these mini headphones pack one wicked punch!