Earth Day Road Trip Preparation Tips

Mobile One Annual Protection 560x315Unless you have an electric car, Road Trips aren’t the most ecologically responsible thing you can do on Earth Day. However millions of Americans take road trips every spring regardless. The fact is, in order to get closer to nature on Earth Day, many of us need to utilize our cars to get us there. So this year we’re working with Mobil 1™ to offer some tips to help our readers prepare to be more environmentally responsible when they hit the road in their automobiles. See details on how you can enter the Mobil 1 Earth Day Drive Away sweepstakes at the bottom of this feature.

1) Get your Oil Changed on Schedule

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Keeping your car running efficiently is key to maximizing gas mileage, and thus limiting the amount of gasoline that is required to get you to your destination on a road trip. For that reason you should typically follow the manufacturer recommendation for oil changes. When it’s time for your next oil change, remember that Walmart has all of the Mobil 1 products you need to get the job done, and many locations even have an Auto Care Center where they can change your oil for you. You can also use the Oil Selector tool on to determine what type of oil you will need.

2) Dispose of Old Oil Properly

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Whether you change your own oil at home, or let the professionals in the Walmart Auto Care Center handle it like we do, it’s important to properly dispose of the old engine oil. Walmart offers used oil recycling, and this spring when you recycle oil at Walmart, you can receive a $10 Walmart Select Certificate at

3) Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

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Maintaining proper tire pressure is another way to maximize fuel efficiency in any automobile. Tire pressure changes due to many factors, but primary among them is temperature fluctuation with the changing of seasons. You can check and adjust your tire pressure at home or at your local gas station, but Walmart will also adjust your tire pressure as part of their oil change service.

4) Utilize Mobil One Annual Protection

Mobil 1 Annual Protection 560x373While oil changes help keep your car running efficiently, minimizing the number of oil changes can help the environment as well by reducing the amount of waste that is produced. Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil helps extend oil life, delivering proven engine protection for one year or 20,000 miles between oil changes, whichever comes first. Not only is that more convenient, but it’s better for the environment too.

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If every car in the U.S. used Mobil 1 ™ Annual Protection:

  • We would prevent or reduce enough CO2 emissions to fill the Empire State Building more than 5,000 times*
  • The CO2 emissions reduction would be equivalent to taking more than 500,000 cars off the road*
  • 21 billion pounds of CO2 emissions would be eliminated when switching to a lower viscosity grade and extending oil change intervals to one year.

*Estimates made based on aggregation of the United States’ average car and motor oil statistics,

5) Minimize Weight and Drag

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Another way to be more environmentally responsible on road trips is to increase fuel efficiency by minimizing weight and drag of your vehicle. This may come in the form of cleaning out your car and removing excess weight, or packing lighter for your trip. If you have a roof rack that you aren’t using on this journey, consider removing it or other accessories that may create wind drag on your vehicle.

6) Drive a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

pov equinox 560x356Our last tip involves driving the most fuel efficient vehicle you have available. If your family has multiple cars, choosing the most fuel efficient one to take on your trip is a way to be most friendly to the earth. Typically these are going to be the newer vehicles as they have employed modern technology (adaptive cruise control, weight saving materials, wind tunnel testing, more fuel efficient engines, etc.) to increase fuel efficiency. If you don’t have a modern fuel efficient vehicle, maybe you can win one!

This Earth Day, Mobil 1 is giving Walmart customers a chance to win a Chevrolet Equinox, plus $10 off their next Mobil 1 purchase at Walmart with their Earth Day Drive Away offer.

  • Promotion run dates: January 15, 2018 – April 30, 2018
  • Shoppers can enter for a chance to win a Chevy Equinox in two ways:
    1. By purchasing 5 quarts of Mobil 1™ in the store or a Mobil 1™ oil change at the Auto Care Center
    2. By recycling any used oil at an Auto Care Center
  • As a bonus, shoppers that purchase 5 quarts of Mobil 1™ synthetic oil or a Mobil 1™ synthetic oil change at the Auto Care Center are also eligible to receive a $10 Select Certificate valid on a future Mobil 1™ purchase at Walmart.
  • Once shoppers have made a qualifying Mobil 1™ purchase or recycled any used oil at Walmart, they can enter to win the Chevy Equinox and/or receive their $10 Walmart Select Certificate at
  • Limit 2 entries in the sweepstakes per customer (1 for purchasing and 1 for recycling).
  • Receipt required to receive $10 Walmart Select Certificate.
  • Terms and conditions, FAQs, and other information can be found at

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