Eastbound and Down Heads South of the Border

eastbound 560x278

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed washed-up major league baseball pitcher is on his way to Mexico. That’s right sports fans, Kenny Powers will return for a second season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down, which is set to begin shooting in Mexico next month.

At the end of season one, Powers quit his phys ed gig in North Carolina, dumped his chick and hit the road for parts unknown. Well, the road will apparently take him to Mexico where he joins a local baseball team. Expect crude behavior and ribald high-jinx to ensue. Kenny’s not one for reading a good book and quiet walks on the beach. That’s why I love the mullet-headed jackass so much.

Co-starring alongside Danny McBride will be the fetching Ana de la Reguera, who assumes the role as his new love interest. Damn, McBride is one lucky SOB. This is the same guy who played a character named Bust-Ass in his first flick All the Real Girls back in 2003. I’d say he’s come a long way since then.