Easy Ways For Girls To Get Hotter

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As a follow up to my article on The John Madden Scale of Rating Women, I thought it would be beneficial to offer advice on ways to easily improve one’s rating on the previously described scale. Similar to the Madden video game, where a player can improve themselves in Training Camp Mode, a female can quickly bump up their points in The Madden Scale. Ironically, just like training camp takes place in the summer, most of the following point boosters are likewise built for the summer. Let camp begin:



When haven’t you seen a hotter girl, look even hotter in sunglasses? More likely, when haven’t you see an average looking girl become hot because of the right pair of sunglasses? I don’t know if it is because there is something mysterious about covering a portion of your face or maybe something a little glamorous about it, it doesn’t matter because sunglasses are an easy enhancement to any girl’s look.


White Pants

White shorts…white skirts…It is all a good look. What a nice way to accentuate your behind, while giving a sneak preview of your underwear choice on the day. If we can’t spot out the color of your underwear, we are going to have to assume you went commando. Either way, there is no way a guy isn’t turning around to give you a quick look over in your white pants.

cancun sun dress


There is no need to panic if you don’t own any white pants yet, as long as you have a sundress to bring out of the your closet. As it inches closer to summer, everybody in cities across the Northeast are anxiously for “Sundress Day” as girls who are excited about the change in weather celebrate by wearing as revealing a dress as possible.

Jenn Sterger closeup in hat


You have to walk a fine line here because honestly some girls look just ridiculous attempting to pull off the wrong hat and end up looking like the ugly female stepchild of the Rat Pack. While we are on the topic and referencing “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” quotes, guys need to ease up with these idiotic hats too. Go buy yourself a fitted hat for one of the sports teams in your city and call it a day.

But, back to the ladies as the right girl in the right hat is a very sexy look. It is a bold move and can result in either a big bump in most male’s eyes or a big downgrade if you don’t wear it right.


This isn’t summer related, but who doesn’t love an exotic accent on a girl? There is something about the pleasant surprise when you hear a unique voice in a city filled with everybody who sounds exactly the same.