Educational Posters and Photoshop

pic1 560x445Sometimes an opportunity comes along that’s just too good to pass up. Especially when Photoshop is involved. Let’s take, for example, some wonderful Educational Posters from the 1950s that I found thanks to These little treasures really shed some light on exactly why our parents were such tools while we were growing up. It’s nonsensical propaganda like this that defined classroom life during the time when equality and brotherhood was a key issue… wait a second. Yeah, it’s true. These gems could definitely exist in our world today. Or, why not tweak them just a smidge. Like I did. Right here. Enjoy.

pic2 560x431

pic3 560x432

pic4 560x431

pic5 560x441

pic6 560x430

pic7 560x437

pic8 560x433

pic9 560x441

pic10 560x438

pic11 560x436