Egg Engineering Projects

egg cuber 267x300I was all prepared to create an article about Easter Gadgets, and in my research, I found someone who had done the exact same thing a few years ago. So first I am going to suggest you head on over to Product Dose for their collection of Easter Gadgets, including some Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers and the Egg Cuber pictured to the left.

So that was like the easiest article ever right? Well feeling like I got off a bit half-assed, I remembered that engineering students often enter competitions utilizing eggs. The general idea is that eggs are delicate, so it’s a challenge to perform various tasks without the egg breaking. Here are a few excellent examples from YouTube :

Egg Gymnastics – University of Utah:

“University of Utah Mechanical Engineering student participate in Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor Exercise using homemade robots.”

The Egg Drop Competition:

“Mario the Dragon talks to contestants during the annual Egg Drop Competition at Drexel University.”

Egg-Catapult Contest at Merrimack College:

“Five Massachusetts High School students take part in Merrimack College’s first Egg-Catapult Contest. Old Rochester Regional High School student Jeff Costa wins a $15,000 scholarship. “

Mechanical Engineering Egg Design Project:

“freshman year mechanical engineering design project. we were supposed to design a machine that carried an egg under a 25cm bridge and over a 50cm wall.”

Happy Easter Dorks!