Bruno’s Ass in Eminem’s Face Stunt was Staged

In a shocking (sarcasm) development, the news came out today that the stunt from Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards was staged. In case you have been living under a rock, Eminem got a taste of Bruno’s (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) shaved bare ass after Bruno fell into him. Eminem’s groupies proceeded to rough up Cohen, and Eminem left the event pissed off. Now MTV’s writer is admitting the fabulously funny stunt was staged, as most suspected. Despite the fact that this was planned, I’d have to imagine that Eminem still wouldn’t be pleased about the situation.

Now I wonder if this clip is going to be shown in Cohen’s upcoming movie “Bruno”. After the success of “Borat”, the fans shouldn’t expect anything less. And judging by the movie trailer alone, it definitely looks promising.

Bruno Movie Trailer