If ‘Entourage’ Met ‘Sex and the City’

entourage sexandthecity

Since its debut, HBO’s Entourage was called Sex and the City for men. While I don’t find that at all to be true, it makes you wonder what would happen if the characters from Entourage met the girls from Sex and the City (back when they were single and not strutting around in bad movies).

Here is a rough outline of the script.

vincent chase 75x75 After a flirtatious introduction, Vince and Samantha walk out of the club and hook up in the limo. Samantha then tries to be Vince’s publicist. samantha jones 75x75
eric l 75x75 Eric and Charlotte start a serious relationship. Eric proposes and Charlotte eagerly accepts. But Eric still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Sloan, and is tempted to cheat, while Charlotte demands to have a baby. charlotte york goldenblatt 75x75
kevin dillon 741109 75x75 Drama and Carrie get into an on-again, off-again relationship and constantly complain to their friends about their relationship problems. Carrie2SATC 468x500 75x75
turtle 75x75 Miranda rejects Turtle several times, then has mercy sex with him. Then a child. Nixon186 75x75
entourage ari 75x75 Ari hires Anthony as his new secretary. Only, Anthony doesn’t take crap like Lloyd did, so he kicks Ari in the nuts and quits. 1055 75x75
shauna 75x75 Paula gets into a cat fight with Samantha over publicist issues. Turtle films it and puts it on YouTube. The video becomes an Internet sensation. samantha jones 75x75
lloyd 75x75 Lloyd meets Stanford. After dating for a few weeks, they have an awkward moment when they learn that they’re both, um… ‘pitchers.’ The relationship ends. stanford 75x75
2DC1C2A8 5405 4D1D 9633 4340E12EAB1B 75x75 Mrs. Ari leaves Ari for a man who is actually more powerful – Mr. Big. 61610 video 163723 mr big on the sex and the city spoilers 75x75