Entourage : Worst Season So Far

entourage 01I’ve been on board with Entourage since Season One, Episode One. I’ve seen every episode three or four times and it’s easily one of the best shows on TV. Then it suddenly dawned on me after this past Sunday’s episode that… nothing interesting has happened this season, and it’s wrapping up soon.

Let’s look at the ‘major’ developments of Season Six:

  • There have been absolutely no subplots of note with Vince. His life is back on track and he gets laid a lot. Oh, that’s right… he may have a stalker and had to hire security.
  • The unbelievable plot of Turtle dating Jamie Lynn-Sigler continues, and now, Turtle is going to school. Turtle was funnier when he was smoking weed and getting rejected by women.
  • Every episode revolves around the Eric-Sloan-Ashley love triangle, and at no point do we feel sorry for Eric that he is torn between two hot girls.
  • Drama had a funny moment when he was auditioning a love interest, then threatened his boss who he thought was trying to bang Jamie Lynn, but that got wrapped up rather quickly.
  • Andrew, Ari’s hire, has the most drama when he cheats on his wife, gets kicked out of the house, acts like an idiot and nearly gets fired. But this character is relatively new, and not at all embraced by long-time Entourage fans, so who really cares?
  • Ari’s biggest moment: He steals Zach Efron from Adam Davies. That rivalry was so much better last season with car races, bags of feces and male stripper pranks.
  • Where is Shawna? She’s hilarious and barely gets any screen time.
  • And then there’s Lloyd. Will he become an agent? Will he leave the Miller-Gold agency and work with Adam Davies? The fate of Lloyd is the cliffhanger of the season? Well, it ain’t over yet, so tune in next week.

Take these notes into account and think about past seasons, when they struggled to make Medellin, when Vince couldn’t get work, when they fired Ari, when Ari started a new agency, when Johnny screwed up in every episode, when Turtle smoked weed and got rejected by girls, when Billy Walsh showed up, when Gary Busey showed up, when Paulie Shore showed up… the list goes on.

Also, I’m fairly certain that, after the death of DJ AM, Entourage is cursed because he’s the fifth on to die after a cameo.