Epic Star Wars Action Figure Painting

Starwars Painting Robert Burden 560x297It took 18 months and 2000 hours of studio time, but Robert Burden has finally completed his epic painting of Star Wars action figures. We’ve featured Burden and his massive pop culture paintings in the past, but this was his most ambitious effort to date. The work is titled “The 20th Century Space Opera” and it’s a 180″ x 96″ oil painting on canvas. That is 15 feet long by 8 feet tall for the mathematically challenged. Let that sink in a bit, it’s huge.

starwarsstudio 560x339

It depicts 166 figures from the Star Wars universe. There is a ‘Light Side’ / ‘Dark Side’ composition to the painting. Good guys are on the left, bad guys are on the right (with a few exceptions here and there). Even the figures are lit from left to right.

starwarshoth 560x362The work is incredibly detailed in Burden’s signature style and you imagine it would be impossible to walk by it at a gallery without pausing for several minutes to take it all in. The 20th Century Space Opera will be publicly unveiled for the first time as part of theĀ Rancho Obi Wan exhibit at the Star Wars Celebration event happening in Anaheim in April if you’d like the opportunity to witness the brilliance up close. It will cost you $200,000 if you’d like to own it, but you’re going to need a really big fire place to hang it above.