Epic Summer Movies to Keep in Mind (for 2011)

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With summer around the corner it’s time to get excited about movies. Everyone knows the best blockbusters are in the summer and boy do we have a packed one ahead of us, right? Hmm… well, let’s see what’s coming up… there’s the Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia — that’s pretty good eh? Then we have Marmaduke, The A-Team and The Karate Kid?! Okay guys, this is not going to cut it! Not even Inception can redeem this terrible movie line-up so you know what? It’s time to start looking towards the future and get excited for the summer of 2011.

Why? Well, here are some very convincing reasons.



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For better or worse Spider-Man 4 got the axe, but instead of the web-slinger we can look forward to Thor, the latest installment in the Marvel cinematic universe.

With a story focused on a complex character that can be extremely arrogant at times and an epic war between mythological powers, Thor could be the next big comic book movie hit. If nothing else we will get to see Natalie Portman on the big screen again, which is always a pleasant experience.

But hey, in case Norse gods wielding a massive hammer is not your cup of tea we still have a X-men prequel, Captain America and the Green Lantern. Does that sound like enough superhero action to you? Considering the budgets and directors these flicks have, at least one of them should deliver some fun-packed punches comparable to the first Iron Man movie. Right now our money is on the Captain America flick, but we’ll see how things progress.



What are you saying? You really enjoy action movies but are tired of superheroes? Well, dear sir you will have a packed 2011 summer as well courtesy of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Not only does the original cast return for this new adventure, but we’ll get to see Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz as his daughter.

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This is Penelope Cruz

In case you want more than pirates, Transformers 3 will be out on July 1st, and although it’s not a straight up action movie, the second part of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows should be out in 2011.  But action is not the only flavor of Summer ’11.



the hangover 2 300x200

Boy, that Hangover movie was something else, right? It definitely seems that everyone thought so since they’re making a sequel! We’re not sure what the whole movie is about as it will go into production later this year, but with the cast they have we’re sure it will be awesome, or at least funnier than Marmaduke.

In the meantime we’re certain we’ll enjoy Cars 2: a movie that will take Lightning McQueen around the world in hopes of winning the “Race of Champions.” While we’re not too crazy about Disney sequels, Pixar has yet to disappoint us and Cars was pretty incredible.

If you really enjoy animated movies you’ll probably be glad to hear that they are even making a sequel to Kung Fu Panda. While we enjoy Jack Black, we’ll remain cautious about this one. But hey, stranger movies have turned out to be awesome.



The summer of 2011 promises a few big horror names such as Scream 4 and another installment of  Final Destination (the fifth one by our count). However, the horror movie that really gets us excited is the new Super 8: a movie about Area 51 aliens and mysterious happenings directed by the man who brought us Cloverfield? We’re sold! The trailer aired before Iron Man 2 and made the whole thing look extremely creepy and mysterious, typical of a J.J. Abrams’ production. Until we have more details we’ll be glad to follow the viral marketing campaign.

super 8 300x223

Somehow Super 8 feels a lot like Fallout

In case you want to get started in the viral campaign for Super 8, you could start looking by here.


Cautiously excited

harrison ford cowboys and aliens 300x183

Finally, we’d like to mention a movie that has us a bit puzzled. With such big names like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, Cowboys and Aliens promises to be an epic adventure. Then again the story sounds so strange that it might easily turn out to be a movie that bit off more than it could chew (in case the title didn’t tell you enough, it’s a movie about cowboys fighting aliens). Either way, it sounds more interesting than this summer’s promise of Piranha 3D and Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore.

But hey, until these babies are out, at least we have Machete to look for later this year. Check out the NSFW trailer (via Trailer Addict):