Escort Max 360 : Modern Ticket Protection

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Local Governments are strapped for cash all over this country, which means they are taking steps to raise more revenue. Combine that need with technological advances, and there are more ways than ever before to be ticketed for traffic violations. Police are equipped with Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Air Patrol, and more traditional Radar and Laser Guns. While most of us don’t consider ourselves “speeders” the truth is that the normal flow of traffic is often above the posted speed limit, and speed limits change often on the roads that we travel.

Road 560x140 Many people believe the common misconception that Radar / Laser detectors are illegal in the United States, but in the vast majority of the country, they are in fact legal (with the exception of Washington, D.C. and Virginia). While radar detectors were fairly popular back in the days of pagers, the technology has leapt miles ahead since then, and they are more relevant now than ever before due to the growing sophistication on the enforcement side.

Even if you consider yourself a careful driver who doesn’t speed, the National Motorist Association estimates that 1/3 of all speed enforcement citations are erroneous. The fact is that it only takes one ticket to cost the average driver more than the price of the industry leading radar detector, the Escort Max 360. There are 41 million drivers ticketed per year, and the average ticket costs the driver $150. However that isn’t the only way you get hit financially, the average insurance increase over three years due to one ticket is $900!

Escort Max 560x219The Escort Max 360 is a new radar and laser detector that provides the most precise 360° ticket protection on the road. It has dual-antennas that provide full-circle threat detection, and directional arrows that instantly identify the source. The Max 360 also has GPS-powered AutoLearn technology that can intelligently reject false alerts based upon signal frequency and location. An even more exciting feature of the Max 360 is its pre-loaded Defender Database, which contains thousands of red light and speed camera locations in North America. It also comes Bluetooth-equipped, which allows it to connect seamlessly to the EscortLive speed trap app, providing additional protection against laser traps and patrol locations reported by other drivers in the area. It’s a modern solution for the modern enforcement world.

Escort Live 560x219Escort believes so strongly in their product that they are offering a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee” including both radar and laser speeding tickets when purchased factory direct. We recently received an Escort Max 360 for testing purposes, and will be sharing our hands-on thoughts about the product in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can visit their website to learn more about the Escort 360 and how it provides precise detection and ticket protection on the road.